The Tree of Curiosity

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The path of Curiosity can be envisioned as a tree.  It is a very large tree with many branches of knowledge.  When starting out the human incarnate starts out in the trunk and looks up into the branches.  The incarnate chooses a branch to begin studying the knowledge held there.  The incarnate cannot go out too far on the branch because that knowledge is too far removed from their current belief system and will not be understood.  The incarnate must start close to the trunk and gradually move out through the knowledge of the branch. The branch will have many twigs of knowledge that grow off of the main branch that can be studied.

Once the incarnate has had their fill of that curiosity, they may move to another branch and begin their exploration there.  Though once again they will need to begin near the trunk of their belief system.  Eventually the incarnate will come to a place in their knowledge that they are able to leap from one branch to another with no need to return to the trunk.  They realize that all of their curiosities have a common beginning — the roots — and the entire tree is connected.  Once this is realized and accepted the incarnate is able to move from curiosity to curiosity easily like a bird flitting from one branch to another. — Ra

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