We are about helping the human population to bring themselves up out of the fray. We are about expanding through in incremental steps for people so they may climb to a more expanded thought. We are about loving the people through this process. We are about giving information. We are about providing knowledge. We are about culminating thoughts until they make sense. We are about going in the expanded direction. We are about giving the people hope in the perceived darkness. We are about instructing humans to new thoughts and creating thought forms in their realities. We are about giving. We are about hoping. We are about providing. We are about turning the tide of energies that are present on the earth, in the earth, above the earth. We are about doing the juggernaut of ultimate change. We are about the minute (small) change toward the greater good. We are about giving, helping, providing.
None of this is possible without love, without the unconditional love given by the creators of your planet and species. None of this is possible without the cooperation of those in energetic form and those in physical form. None of this is possible without all involved and we are thankful. Believe in the process.
We are about bringing the pieces of the puzzle together for those who are ready to hear. We are about bringing the fragments of Source together in hearts and minds. We are about letting the human population know they are one and doing it through a different process. One process that will resonate with many. To reach the many. Have no doubt there is a plan in place to reach the many. There is more to come. Relax and we will bring it to you. The ideas, the people, the resources. It will all come in its appropriate time.
Celebrate this joyous time with us. For we are pleased and joyous with you. Some information will be new to many. Some information will cause fear in some. Believe, believe, believe. There are thousands who are ready, nay millions.
Life is not what the majority of humans believe it to be. It is time. It is time. There are many who are awakened to the truth. We are about assisting them in their duties in this incarnation. We are about bringing the truths of higher collectives to the earth population. We desire to love each through the process of learning. The task of loving the unawakened is before you. Those who are ready will hear. Those who are ready will find the information being put forth. There will be a trickle effect. It will move through the millions in the appropriate manner and time.”