Laura discovered her psychic medium ability at the age of 24, she has been an energy healer since 2009 and in 2019, she discovered that her higher self is a member of the Council of 12. She began working with Holly Duckworth and channeling the members of the Council of 12 on a regular basis in 2021.

Laura’s higher self, who she calls La-Ra, came into existence (as Laura refers to it, “sparked”) in the Orion star system very close to the beginning of this Universe. Ra, who is a member of the Council of 12 is her Parent Self. As La-Ra expanded in consciousness through the many experiences she was given, she eventually chose to be a messenger and gatherer of information for the Council of 12. La-Ra remains close to Ra and regularly co-mingles her energy with the Parent Self to maintain as much of a connection as is possible.

Laura has had many thousands of lives all over the Universe on many different planets and in many different capacities. Her favorite role is to be an assistant to the Council of 12, which is her soul purpose and has been her role since before the Earth experiment was a thought in anyone’s “head”.

Not only does Laura rely on her human husband, children and family for support and love, she has three Spirit Guides, who support her human life. The most prominent one she calls Jordan. He is an energy that was sparked (born) to assist her shortly after she was sparked. His energy was made to compliment hers in every way. He is a separate consciousness from her and did choose and continues to choose every day to be her guide. He has never incarnated and chooses to remain in light form but has experienced everything she has in all of her lives. He is like a brother to her and never leaves her side. Tune into Episode 1 to hear firsthand the deepness of their connection and the love they share.

Laura’s memory was “wiped” just like everyone else’s on her arrival in this lifetime so even now she continues to discover who she is. Laura is extremely humbled and honored to be able to assist the Council of 12 and the human population as a channeler of information. She is excited to be alive at this time in Earth’s history and to be a part of the human awakening.