Teach a Man to Fish Part 2

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“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”
Your planet has struggled with believing in this philosophy for some time now.  It is believed by some that
teaching another to fish and letting someone else have autonomy, individuality and their own power, robs
themselves of the same.  In other words, they believe there isn’t enough of that kind of thing to go around.
The power-hungry humans on your planet therefore, believe they must take another’s to have their own.
We can tell you with great certainty this is false thinking. By relying on the connection with their higher-
selves they would have all the power they could ever want. And would have all the fish they could ever
need. Human babies are born into your world knowing they are fishermen. They know how to fish and
even know how to make the net. It is only through those who raise them that they are taught to believe
they do not have this knowledge and must be given the fish to feed themselves. This has become very
prevalent on your planet, especially in the past few decades of your time. You sense and notice the
extreme polarity. We can tell you that a polarity must be reached before healing can begin. This is where
your planet is now.
Be patient with the process.
Balance will be regained.
In the meantime, go fishing.

— Ra

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