Teach a Man to Fish Part 1

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“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”
This is the philosophy we, as the Council, live by and request of those who assist us with the various
populations of species we take care of.  There are many philosophies on your planet about how your
people should be taken care of.  From experience we can tell you that only one aligns with the Christ
Consciousness / Love energy.  The philosophy we speak of is to provide the tools, empower the
individual, and gently guide when asked for help.  The more experienced the individual, the more organic
the tools.
For example:
We would provide the pond and the fish and the initial instruction of how to catch a fish.  For a less
experienced individual, we would provide the fishing net with instruction on how it was made in case they
would choose to make themselves a second net.  For the more experienced individual, we would provide
instruction on how to make the net, along with the trees, grasses and reeds needed.  And we typically
provide In both cases, the individual then is responsible for taking the necessary action to feed
themselves.  We would never simply provide fish on an ongoing basis, for this robs the individual of
autonomy, experience, individuality and finding their own power within themselves.
Sparks are extremely capable individuals from the outset.  They only become incapable when they are
treated as if they a
re. — Ra
Next Week – Teach a Man to Fish Part 2

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