Protecting Yourself Against Evil – Part 1

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I no longer believe people need to “protect” themselves from evil forces when they are participating in
spiritual practices. I used to believe that way. My experience has been that it makes things worse
rather than better. When I was a Christian, our congregation began praying in earnest against Evil which
was kind of different because usually we just prayed for Love. The longer this went on, weeks and
months, the more people in the congregation (including myself) began having negative visitations and
experiences which hadn’t been happening prior to this. It gave the ministry something to “fight
against”. They began having to go around and bless peoples’ homes and our prayer nights became
almost exorcism type rituals. At the time, I hadn’t awakened yet, so I was all in “fighting the demons”.
Although the house blessings and “exorcisms” became less frequent, the ministry was still very affected,
eventually fell apart, and was replaced.
Why did this happen and why don’t we have to protect ourselves? I mean there is evil in the world,
right? Yes, there is evil, but not Evil. Check in for the next blog for Part 2 of Protecting Yourself Against

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