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I was just jammin’ out to some music while I did chores this morning. I’m an 80’s girl so I LOVE the
Classic Rock of that time period. Journey, Boston and Bon Jovi are among my favorites. And although
our kids listen to that music era periodically, I’m pretty sure their favorite is a different time period.
So that got me to thinking . . . (and my higher-self says, “Oh great, here we go.”) LOL!
Why do some people like one type of music and others like another type? I checked in with the Council,
and here is what they had to say.
“All music and sound have various frequencies and vibrations. All soul’s have various frequencies and
vibrations. When these two vibrations match, the music becomes your “favorite”. As your soul grows
and expands, your vibration changes and so does your music choice.” — Ra
I just love it when I learn something! Have a great day! I’m going to go listen to more Journey!
— Laura

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