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The Council’s answers to our questions are often not what we would expect. They sometimes seem
contradictory; they often challenge our way of thinking; and they are always from a perspective far
more expanded than any of us could hope to have in a 3D world.
I continue to be amazed at the wisdom they bring and, as always, am humbled that they would use
“little old me” as a messenger. Listen in on our conversations with the Council of 12 on The Expansion
Project YouTube channel. I also hope you will join me and Holly as we delve into these conversations
with the Council via LIVE Zoom Cosmic Conversations each month where you get to ask your questions
in person!
Consider joining our Expansion Project Facebook Group where you can connect with like-minded
people, and discuss the Council’s wisdom.
The Council constantly reminds us, “Love is the only reason for any of it.” We want to spread this love
far and wide. We hope you will join us.

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