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I live in the Colorado mountains. To me the mountains are the most beautiful place in the world. The
smell of the pine trees, the cool crisp air on summer mornings, snow falling in the winter, and a cup of
hot coffee next to the fireplace are all favorites of mine.
Being in a place I love helps me connect. Helps me connect to my higher-self, Jordan (my spirit guide),
and of course the Council of 12.
If you can’t live in your dream place, then I recommend you go there as often as you can. Our 3D world
has so much to offer our expanding hearts and minds. The Council reminds us that this planet is still one
of the most beautiful places in the Universe.
Don’t take the beauty for granted. Find your dream place. Let your heart be filled with gratitude. Life
in 3D is amazing!

One thought on “Find Your Happy Place

  1. Julie Mcdonald says:

    I’ve seen your setting on the YouTube videos. It is so beautiful! I live in the Missoula Valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains on all sides. I too enjoy getting out into the forest and spending time where there is very little din from the city. It recharges my spirit and makes me feel connected to the Earth.

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