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“Your Earth waters are healthy. Yes, there are certain small areas that need a little help, but we are here to provide that service to Gaia.  My species was born to learn how to manipulate the flowing of the frequencies.  As a young child we begin learning how energy flows and moves with very small amounts.  As we become more adept at energy flow, we move into a 3D environment where the density makes for a wonderful learning experience.  There are thousands of planets we can chose from to practice in 3D.  Your Earth is one of them.  We do not experience the same forgetfulness that incarnates do.  That is not our purpose for being on Earth.  We are in servitude to Gaia and her energy flows in the form of water.  We take many forms while on your Earth, mostly light beings, which are not seen by your human eyes, and animal forms with a few who take on mermaid type forms.  In the past, we have not interacted with the human population at all.  That was not our purpose.  However, we have now been asked to occasionally present ourselves as benevolent water creatures to particular humans.  The purpose of this is to further the awakening taking place.  This is a very recent development but you have already seen us on your social media doing “extraordinary” things.” – Oo-La

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