Control vs. Love

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Control appears to be Love.  That is why so many fall into its grasp.  Control is a deceitful disguise fooling all.  Love cannot exist where Control does.  Fear is the basis of Control.  Much religion and politics in your world purport Control to be Love.

“We want you to be saved, so you must do this or that,” say the religions.  This belief has been passed down for centuries.

“You must only do and say what we want you to so that we may protect the country/world,” say the leaders.  This belief is prevalent today all over your world.

Love cannot be where there is any type of Control.  Any type!  Unconditional Love requires complete abandon.  The principles you hold for yourself are not for another.  They must find and hold their own principles.  The funny thing is, when all are holding their own principles of Love, acceptance of each other is inherent.

Hold your principles of Love.  Allow others to hold their principle of Love even if they are different from yours.  Allow others who hold principles of Control their freedom as well. For that is your Love for them and know that Love is the only thing that will thrive. — Ra

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