Find Your Happy Place

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Find Your Happy Place

I live in the Colorado mountains. To me the mountains are the most beautiful place in the world. Thesmell of the pine trees, the cool crisp air on summer mornings, snow falling in the winter, and a cup ofhot coffee next to the fireplace are all favorites of mine.Being in a place I love helps […]

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The Council’s answers to our questions are often not what we would expect. They sometimes seemcontradictory; they often challenge our way of thinking; and they are always from a perspective farmore expanded than any of us could hope to have in a 3D world.I continue to be amazed at the wisdom they bring and, as […]

Control vs. Love

Control appears to be Love.  That is why so many fall into its grasp.  Control is a deceitful disguise fooling all.  Love cannot exist where Control does.  Fear is the basis of Control.  Much religion and politics in your world purport Control to be Love. “We want you to be saved, so you must do […]

The Tree of Curiosity

The path of Curiosity can be envisioned as a tree.  It is a very large tree with many branches of knowledge.  When starting out the human incarnate starts out in the trunk and looks up into the branches.  The incarnate chooses a branch to begin studying the knowledge held there.  The incarnate cannot go out […]

The Healthiest People on Earth

The healthiest people on Earth are the ones who allow themselves to be curious.  They keep an open mind, define their curiosities, study it until they are content and then move to the next curiosity.  They do this whether it fits in with their current belief box or not.  This is a path to expansion. […]

Earth Waters

“Your Earth waters are healthy. Yes, there are certain small areas that need a little help, but we are here to provide that service to Gaia.  My species was born to learn how to manipulate the flowing of the frequencies.  As a young child we begin learning how energy flows and moves with very small […]

Arriving in 5D

“For those of you who are some of the first to arrive in the 5th Density, you may wonder if you will be alone.  No, you will not.  There are many higher consciousness energies who have already arrived to welcome and guide all of you through your “first days and weeks” in 5D.  It will […]

Creating in 5D

“Students in the 5th Density creative process will learn how to use their minds to create energy forms of 3D earth objects.  For instance, houses, furniture, transportation, adventure experiences such as roller coasters and much more.  5D incarnates will be able to enjoy the fruits of the labor of other incarnates as well as be […]