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Had another birthday this year. It is nice to be recognized on your birthday, isn’t it? When my kids were
teenagers, they had friends whose family did not celebrate birthdays for religious reasons. I thought
this was kind of sad. But I wanted to ask the Council why most people want to be recognized on their
They said: “Your birth into this incarnation is a celebration for it is the beginning of a well thought out
plan for yourself and others during your life. All incarnation plans are intended to make your world a
better place. The urge to be recognized on your birthday is a result of sub-consciously knowing who you
really are and of knowing your real purpose to elevate the world’s frequency. A wonderful celebration

So, if you are one these that would prefer to ignore your birthday, I suggest you change your belief
pattern and start celebrating it! You are part of a bigger wonderful plan! From the higher perspective,
your birth makes the world a better place. A wonderful celebration indeed! -Laura

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