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Teach a Man to Fish Part 2

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”Your planet has struggled with believing in this philosophy for some time now.  It is believed by some thatteaching another to fish and letting someone else have autonomy, individuality and their own power, robsthemselves of […]

Teach a Man to Fish Part 1

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”This is the philosophy we, as the Council, live by and request of those who assist us with the variouspopulations of species we take care of.  There are many philosophies on your planet about how […]

Your Truth

I have learned that if it comes to you, it is truth.  Humans have such limited “sight”, that the only waysomething is true is if everyone else also believes it and has had the experience.  This is an incorrectassumption.  Every spark is on its own journey and is unique in their experiences.  The only truth […]


Had another birthday this year. It is nice to be recognized on your birthday, isn’t it? When my kids wereteenagers, they had friends whose family did not celebrate birthdays for religious reasons. I thoughtthis was kind of sad. But I wanted to ask the Council why most people want to be recognized on theirbirthdays.They said: […]

Protecting Yourself Against Evil – Part 3

How do you protect yourself?You don’t. Plain and simple. You are already protected by simply being who you are at the vibrationyou are. The bad guys can’t get to you unless you give them the energy to do so.But how does a person keep from giving the bad guys the energy?First, know that you know […]

Protecting Yourself Against Evil – Part 2

Why did that happen to that ministry?The Law of Attraction rules the day and this is the reason things got worse instead of better. When aperson assumes protection is needed in order to commune with their higher-self, guides, angels, etc.,they are offering a mixed bag of frequencies. Part of their vibration is positive because their […]

Protecting Yourself Against Evil – Part 1

I no longer believe people need to “protect” themselves from evil forces when they are participating inspiritual practices. I used to believe that way. My experience has been that it makes things worserather than better. When I was a Christian, our congregation began praying in earnest against Evil whichwas kind of different because usually we […]

What makes “fun” fun?

James and I are going out to have a little fun today in town. There is going to be a Duck Race to raisemoney for a charity. And before that we are going to try out a food truck that we haven’t tried beforeso it should be a fun day!But wait, what makes things fun? […]

Music Vibrations

I was just jammin’ out to some music while I did chores this morning. I’m an 80’s girl so I LOVE theClassic Rock of that time period. Journey, Boston and Bon Jovi are among my favorites. And althoughour kids listen to that music era periodically, I’m pretty sure their favorite is a different time period.So […]

Slide In Sideways

I love to laugh. And fortunately, the Council enjoys a good laugh as well! One joke I saw recently reallyresonated with me and as I tuned in quickly to the Council to see what they thought of it, their answerwas a resounding, “We highly recommend it!”Life’s journey is not to arrive at theGrave safely in […]