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Music Vibrations

I was just jammin’ out to some music while I did chores this morning. I’m an 80’s girl so I LOVE theClassic Rock of that time period. Journey, Boston and Bon Jovi are among my favorites. And althoughour kids listen to that music era periodically, I’m pretty sure their favorite is a different time period.So […]

Slide In Sideways

I love to laugh. And fortunately, the Council enjoys a good laugh as well! One joke I saw recently reallyresonated with me and as I tuned in quickly to the Council to see what they thought of it, their answerwas a resounding, “We highly recommend it!”Life’s journey is not to arrive at theGrave safely in […]

Find Your Happy Place

I live in the Colorado mountains. To me the mountains are the most beautiful place in the world. Thesmell of the pine trees, the cool crisp air on summer mornings, snow falling in the winter, and a cup ofhot coffee next to the fireplace are all favorites of mine.Being in a place I love helps […]

LIVE Zoom Sessions and Facebook Group

The Council’s answers to our questions are often not what we would expect. They sometimes seemcontradictory; they often challenge our way of thinking; and they are always from a perspective farmore expanded than any of us could hope to have in a 3D world.I continue to be amazed at the wisdom they bring and, as […]

Control vs. Love

Control appears to be Love.  That is why so many fall into its grasp.  Control is a deceitful disguise fooling all.  Love cannot exist where Control does.  Fear is the basis of Control.  Much religion and politics in your world purport Control to be Love. “We want you to be saved, so you must do […]